NanoLUX technology offers a very new application for natural lighting. Special nanoparticles injected inside the polycarbonate plates provide sunlight and minimizes the problems of heat and noise insulation. By means of the particle structure of nanoparticles, light is spread homogeneously.

The R&D, design and production of the Nanolux; the own trademark of Günışığı Aydınlatma Energy Systems, is made by the company itself. Günışığı Aydınlatma Energy Systems is also the distributor in Turkey for the Lumira product of Cabot Corporation which is the manufacturer of the aerogel material produced by nanotechnology.


NanoLUX Sky Series

In order to illuminate the wide spaces, wide spans are required. High light levels are attained through these spans. However, the effect of the sun is an issue. Nanolux solves this issue. Thanks to the aerogel material inside , the heat and sound insulation is at the highest level.

Nanolux Sky minimizes the electric usage based on lighting and cooling. Nanolux is produced taylor-made so that it provides architectural freedom. click for details

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NanoLUX Vent Series

Nanolux Ventilarion is a skylight system with opening mechanism. The polycarbonate panels filled with silica based aerogel material, has a potential of opening to 180 degrees and providing ventilation.

Nanolux Ventilation is produced in project based sizes and offered for wide and high places in order to maintain natural lighting and ventilation. click for details

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NanoLUX Smoke Series

Nanolux Smoke is a smoke evacuation and daylighting system with aerogel filled polycarbonate panels.

Nanolux Smoke System has a pneumatic system that automatically opens the skylight when exposed to high smoke pressure. Thanks to this system, when fire occurs, the system opens itself and ejects the smoke. Nanolux Smoke can be used as a natural lighting and ventilation system in addition to smoke damper.
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NanoLUX Louvre Series

Nanolux Louvre is a heat insulated facade and roof system that offers natural lighting and ventilation. While providing natural lighting; thanks to its openable mechanism to 90degrees, it provides natural ventilation with air, rain and snow water insulation.

For a proper natural ventilation; instead of mounting on the roof, Louvre systems should be used as a wall application. The reason is the wind being an horizontal effect. The traditional systems applicated on roof, provide the polluted air to be expelled but fresh air can not enter the space. The wall applications offer an optimum ventilation by creating an air circulation, when supported with skylights.
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